The Challenge

 We were contacted by AutoScout24, a dutch marketplace for new and used cars. They wanted to reach their audience and convince them to fill out a car registration to obtain a valuation.
They wanted to reach a broad audience, to reach a new group of persons that might be interested in selling their car – either now or in the future. This made it important to keep the eCPM low, to ensure that an as large population as possible was reached.


After a thorough analysis of AutoScout24’s website, it was decided to use Delta Twins. This we AutoScout24 was able to reach individuals that showed a similar behavior to those who had converted earlier.
They ran their campaign on both Mobile and Desktop, with a second screen campaign to convert those who had viewed the TV-commercials.
They focused on big formats to boost branding, complementing  with retargeting on IAB standard formats to reduce eCPM.


The campaigns resulted in a four times higher conversion rate than they had experienced in earlier campaigns- The CTRs varied per campaign, media type, and ad format; ranging from 0,04 % in broad reach audiences to 0,22 % on the large formats. The combination resulted in a remarkable eCPO improvement.


+ 400 %
Overall conversion
The Netherlands
0,22 %