Viewable CPM

There’s a lot of talk about, and focus on, viewability these days, which really makes sense. In all fairness, you should only pay for the ad impressions that have actually been viewed*, but all guaranteed solutions are tricky and very expensive. Therefore, we are proud to introduce a new way to evaluate you ad buying on viewability – viewable CPM.

Viewable CPM is what it sounds like, the CPM-price of the impressions in your campaign that were actually viewable. The viewable CPM metric allows you to use one metric for all your programmatic activities, clearly stating what you have paid for the viewable impressions. It is an obvious KPI in online advertising and programmatic buying.

We’ll illustrate it with an example:
Let’s say you buy 1 million impressions at CPM 10, with 100% viewable impressions guaranteed. This would cost you around 10 000€. However, if you were to buy 3 million impressions, without a guaranteed viewability, for 9000€ and a third of them was viewable, you would get 1 million viewable impressions for a much lower price.

By using this logic and our in-screen optimizer, which optimize your campaign against placements with high viewability, we can make sure you receive more viewable impressions to a lower price.

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