For the purpose of providing online behavioral advertising, information concerning the users browsing behavior is stored. This information may include data concerning the users operating system and browser version. The information can also include events connected to Deltas Projects’ platform, such as what ads have been shown to the user, in which context or at what time of day. In order to keep the information anonymous at all times, each user is assigned a unique user ID.

As part of the data collection mechanism, Delta Projects makes use of cookies stored in the user’s browser. The cookies contain small pieces of text data including a unique, but non-personal, identifier of the browser. 

Every user can mark their collected data in our system as prohibited for use in advertising auctions. To opt-out of targeted ads based on historical data, a user visits our opt-out page and follow the instructions. If a user empties browser cookies or deletes cookies for the domain name, they can receive a new unique identifier without all previous collected data. A user that has performed an opt-out and later empties browser cookies, must again go to our opt-out page since the opt-out is connected to the previous unique identifier.

Delta Projects respects the privacy and integrity of users of the Internet, and will not recreate or reconnect any data for users that empties browser cookies. The raw data collected is not shared with or processed by any third party.

Delta Projects adheres to the EDAA principles.